Sri Kannika Parameswari school institution has grown tremendously over the past years with the blessings of the Goddess Sri Kannika Parameswari and wonderful support of the benevolent sponsors and donors.

Currently, in the institution we have

  • Sri Kannika Parameswari Nursery and Primary School
  • Sri Kannika Parameswari High School
  • Sri Kannika Parameswari Higher Secondary School

There are totally 3400 students being educated in this esteemed institution. The school has been renovated with the following amenities:

  • Latest technology drinking water purification methods
  • Playgrounds with water facility
  • electricity Facility
  • Beautiful garden in the school campus
  • Concrete flooring in the school entrance
  • Headmaster room
  • Administration office
  • Spacious staff room for teacher
  • Toilet facilities
  • Seating facilities for students

Students are provided with clean drinking water (RO water) facilities. Security cameras are installed in the campus for the safety of the students. There are concrete flooring constructed in the school entrance and also adjacent to the science lab.

Sri Vidhya Ganapathy temple has been constructed in the school campus and the required poojas are being followed regularly. In 2016, Saraswathi mandapam has been constructed in the campus as well.

In Udumalpet, Vasavi club has been formed and have been rendering their valuable service to the school for the past four years. In 2015, Mahatma Gandhiji’s statue has been erected in the school campus by the Vasavi Club, Vanitha Club and SKP institution jointly.

With the strenuous efforts of our S. K. P. institution president, Dr. V. G. Mohan, “We Serve” grant organisation implemented Smart Virtual Class (42 inch LCD TV, CPU, UPS, School Particulars Software) at the cost of Rs. 2.5 lakhs for the school welfare development. With this electronic facility, we are able to communicate efficiently with the student’s parents regarding the student’s attendance, study performance, awards and recognitions, events and celebrations happening in school.